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Data Importing & Trend Analysis Done Right.

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Import up to 30 comps from MLS and Public Records.

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Import your 1004MC and charts, but more importantly: analyze data the way you want to.

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Let Spark fill in your Cost Approach using the included DwellingCost data and Site Value Tools (Extraction, Allocation, Vacant Land Sales).

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Spark will load everything you analyzed and imported into your digital workfile.

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Why Spark?

Data Accuracy

  • Spark imports the data for you.  That means no more typos.

  • Spark is tailored to each market.  We interview appraisers in the area to help us determine the best methods for that market.

  • Plus, we don't just map fields.  We analyze all of the data that your MLS offers to give you the best results.

It's Fast...Really Fast

  • Most appraisers report that they can get in and out of Spark in less than 5 minutes per report.

  • Spark saves you up to 60 minutes per report by filling out your grid, entire prior transfer history, 1004MC, charts, and more.

Easy To Use

  • Spark was built with appraisers in mind.  Using our sleek, modern interface feels natural and intuitive.

  • Spark is entirely web-based.  Wherever you go, there we are.

  • We've built a library of comprehensive tutorials and training options (see the "training" tab).

Data Importing.

  • In Spark, discrepancies between MLS and Public Records are highlighted for your convenience.  You can easily switch between the preferred data source and save your preferences for future reports.
  • With a modern interface, Spark lets you quickly customize the way data is loaded into your grid.
  • Spark will load in all of the prior transfers for the subject and comparables based on your customizable settings.  You can also manually view and select/deselect prior transfers.
  • Spark supports multiple forms and addenda.  Whether you need:  UAD, non-UAD, manufactured home, General Purpose, rentals, additional listings, or the REO addenda...we've got you covered.
  • and much, much more

Trend Analysis.

  • Spark's "Trend Preview" lets you quickly and accurately determine your market trends...all based on analyses that are fully customizable in the following ways:
  • Analyze anywhere from 6 months up to 10 years of data.
  • See your data in a scatter plot, bar chart, or line chart.  You can also group your data by month, quarter, or year.
  • Choose whether you'd like to analyze your competing properties, your entire or neighborhood, or some alternate set of data you choose to upload.  Spark will even allow you to compare the data sets against each other.
  • You decide how to analyze your market.  Over 200 methods available, such as:  Median Sale Price; Median Price Per Square Foot, Original List Price, Concession Percent (or amount)...and a whole lot more.
  • You can also exclude foreclosures and/or short sales to determine how they affect your market.
  • View your market trends as a percent change per month, quarter, or year.

Cost Approach.

  • Cost data from DwellingCost is included in your Spark subscription!
  • Spark's cost data interface was built from scratch to make the process as quick and painless as possible while still remaining accurate.
  • ALL NEW SITE VALUE TOOL:  Spark will help you determine your opinion of site value using extraction, allocation, or your own vacant land sales.
  • This site value tool provides: adjusted and unadjusted values; a widget for visualizing the data; the data tables themselves...and everything is loaded into your digital workfile.
  • Spark also includes site value settings that allow you to quickly and efficiently run the cost approach on up to 12 properties for the extraction method.
  • COMING 2018:  Cost data for manufactured homes.

Digital Workfile.

Spark will load the following documents into your digital workfile to help you support and defend your opinions and conclusions:

  • Property Report:  This document shows ALL of the MLS and Public Records data Spark has access to for each comp you load through Spark.  This includes the entire transfer history, mortgage finance history, and maps.
  • Market Conditions Report:  This document contains all of the One-Unit Housing and 100MC data along with every chart, table, and analysis that Spark performed.
  • Calculations Page:  This document explains how Spark performs all of its calculations, including references to Fannie Mae guidelines when applicable.
  • Discrepancy Report:  This document is a one-page printout showing only the discrepancies between MLS and Public Records for every property.
  • Cost Data Report:  This document shows all the data that Spark loaded into your report, all of the property information entered into Spark and the associated DwellingCost data so you can replicate your work later if necessary.
  • Site Value Report:  This document shows all of the calculations provided to help you determine the site value of your subject.  If you used extraction this includes all cost data for each property used for extraction.

See If Spark Works In Your Area

Try Spark Free!*

*Use Spark Free on 12 Reports

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